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09 August 2011 @ 11:24 pm
Who needs The Chippendales? We had YFC! [live @ Leipzig]  
It's past 11 pm, I already tried to write this report twice and failed, since I'm just not able to express everything I felt and still feel in words. It was awesome, really AWESOME. The hall was only half-full, but (to me) it didn't matter. YFC rocked, we rocked. It was simply an amazing night and though I still feel dead, I want to see them again. And yet I don't regret that I was only at one show. This way it was unique, and all these awesome, funny or touching moments of this night are burnt into my memory now <3

Let's go:
I arrived at Haus Auensee, Leipzig, at 8 am ... and it rained =_= Some girls had been camping there since Wednesday … WEDNESDAY! Hell, I really love Gackt, but I wouldn't camp in front of a venue. I wouldn't do that for any artist I like. It's just disgusting not to be able to take a shower or having no proper toilet around *shivers* Anyway, these girls tried to give everyone who arrives a number. Of course it didn't worked and I (#33) was right next to a girl with #16 or less when we entered the venue, because I had waited for the whole day right in front of the entrance. I'm not sure but I think even I managed to get inside before her.
btw. the doors opened at 6 pm, so I needed to wait for 10 hours =_= At least it wasn't that boring, since after 30 minutes of being alone and listening to some music, a friend joined me and every now and then other friends arrived and we also had nice little chats to other girls we didn't know. Three of these girls stayed with me for the whole day and even the show. They were really nice, since they were normal fans and not stereotypical German J-Rock fans (who're usually quite annoying by frequently exaggerating and panicking because of the simplest things [such as faked press conferences ^^']). We talked about lots of things, e.g. the behavior of said stereotypical fans, the numbers, L'Arc~en~Ciel, other concerts we've been at and of course Gackt's shows x3 There also were lots of passers-by who just watched us curiously or asked us what we were waiting for xD

On to the show:
I was at the 2nd row, middle/ right, right in front of Chacha *_* I know for sure that they started at least 15 minutes late, the first song was End Of The Day and the second one was Nine Spiral. I didn't feel that comfortable. EOTD sounded quite boring to me, I also couldn't sing along to Nine Spiral (since I don't listen to that one that much, though it's quite cool) and I didn't understand anything they say at the beginning. The instruments were a little too loud and the microphones to quiet. I was worried and wondered what I would do if the whole show would be like this.
And then I decided to simply give them my brightest smile. These guys are touring through Europe in a schedule that's one hell of a schedule. They travel night and day to make their fans happy and they deserve to get something in return. So I smiled, because I wasn't able to show them how much I love them by singing along. And it worked, the show and the interaction with the band and the girls around me turned out to be pure fun! <3

Here are the highlights...
- the new songs: I guess I need to wait until the single is released and I'll judge about End Of The Day later, since the sound just wasn't that good at the particular moment. The other songs were just great! And the more new songs we got, the better they were. One of my favorites it the one with the small chorepgraphy (G without choreographed moves? No way! xDDD) - I think it's called "*kanji I can't read* -girl" °°
- holy water: God, it was so hot in there! Not as bad as 2010 in Munich, but still hot! Every time one of the guys came over to us, a bottle of water in his hand to spill it onto us, was like like a redemption. Cold, wet, holy water <3 and I was all wet when they show was over xD
- fights for shirts, ties, plecs, bottles etc: Even those fights were fun! I got my hand on G's shirt, but it was only a small part, so I let go of it soon to enjoy the show. But my friend Sarah got a piece of it <3 I was also one of those who chaught Chacha's tie and we shared it like sisters. And I even got a piece Takumi's tie - which was funny, since we clung to it, watched the show, waved with our free hands and sang along at the same time, until one of the security guys came with a pair of scissors to cut the tie into pieces. Hardly any piece of clothing the guys threw left this hall in one piece, except for Chacha's shirt x3 Gosh, they threw so many stuff to our direction x3
- Vanilla: Vanilla! Oh! My! God! VANILLA! Sadly I missed the beginning because of some tie issues, but I got the most important part - the fanservice. Holy shit, this was the BEST fanservice I've ever seen and most likely will ever see! The only thing that could outdo this fanservice would be real sex on stage (instead of fake sex on stage with two pairs of trousers still preventing skin-to-skin contact x3). Oh my god, the way G and Jon shaked their hips and bumped them against each other and ... GOD! I almost died when I saw this! And rest of the performance was just like the one we know so well, G and Jon spinning around and at the end of the song almost all Chickenz where on the platform, shaking their hips *_________*
- Jesus: Definitely one of the best songs live! They rocked, we rocked, almost ALL of us sang along and just woah! JESUS!
- Jon, Chacha & the handcuffs: It happened right in front of me! I don't know when these handcuffs where thrown to the stage, but Jon suddenly played with them, went over to Chacha and he willingly offered his wrist to get cuffed. God, the grins of the both of them were just epic! x3 I also read that later they desperatly tried to get the handcuffs off, but failed. I indeed saw a staff guy running back and forth, holding one part they had cut off, but I didn't notice he was looking for the key xD
- the ballad: ALL FOR LOVE is so simple and yet so touching. One of the girls I had met in the morning had brought a sign with her, written "We show you our HEART, LOVE & SOUL" on it, and I held that sign for almost the whole song. We also held our hands, hugged each other, waved, formed hearts with our hands, while watching the performace and singing along to the chorus. I even closed my eyes for a few seconds. It felt so warm and comfy and it was as if there was a real connection to YFC - a strong bond. And at the end, we clearly heard Gackt breathing three times and then he smiled. It was a sad smile, but a beautiful one. I had already had problems holding the tears back during the song, but when I saw G smiling, I couldn't pull myself together anymore. It just happened. And when I turned my head, I saw others crying as well. God, I wanna hear this song again, I want an album!
- G's speech: It was basically the same as last year, but that doesn't matter. It's just true when he says that we are family, even though we live in different cities and countries - we are family in our hearts. He also promised to come back (next year?) and we promised to come back as well. And god, I will, I will come back to see them again! He smiled again - happily this time! - and asked us several times if we would come back and with each "Really?" we cheered louder and louder. My voice was already almost gone and I couldn't hit higher notes anymore, but I kept screaming. I even called out for Gackt when he was about to say something ^^' I don't know how it happened, I guess it was my inner fangirly running wild and taking advantage of the silence. He must've heard me, my voice was the only one at this moment x3
- finally, the farewell: As last year he said good-bye to us with "Ich liebe euch alle! I love you all!" and I almost broke out in tears again. Oh, I love him so much for saying those four simple words in my mother tongue. It touches my heart, hearing him saying it in the language I love so much. And his pronounciation was perfect!

There was one last highlight:
My girls - Shishan, Iigo, Malice and Sarah. They were one of the main reasons why I had so much fun, it just wouldn't have been the same without them. Thank you girls - I love you all! <3

This is what I bought at the merch shop: Towel, Top type B, Fan & the Badge Set (aka bye bye to 60 Euro ^^')

And my piece of Chacha's tie

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Mood: happyhappy
Music: Linkin Park - Iridescent
Eadwine: Gackt/Cha hugeadwine63 on August 10th, 2011 11:27 am (UTC)
you were almost standing at the same spot as I was in London :)
only I was at the third row, more in the middle between vocalist stage and Chacha. ^_^;

michrophones were too quiet in EVERY venue, it seems. I was really sad I couldn't hear them better. Plus whenever the said something in between I had to strain to hear it and failed every single time ._."

the holy water effect... yeah I got that too. Especially since I was too far away to have a drink from the crew who was walking in front with water bottles. xD So YES PLEASE THROW IT!! xD And then I got a water bottle. HOORAY. xD I was relieved, not so much because it was Gackt/Chacha's bottle (don't remember, lol) but simply because it had WATER. xDD

seriously you experienced the same things I did!! I had my hand on Gackt's shirt, kind of by accident. Then this girl had me in a headlock and I had to manouver out of there... O_o but whatever, it was still fun, I don't get worked up about it as some people do...

lol at your vanilla comment... I've said before that YFC is just code for Sex On Stage. xD It truly IS. xDD And I love it!!
you know... the only thing that could be BETTER is Gackt and Hyde singing Orenji no Taiyou with fanservice (and a kiss cause Gackt will not be able to resist Hyde). xD

even more lol at the handcuffs... Oh I would have wanted to see that one...

I cried too at ALL FOR LOVE. I did. It is so simple and touching and just plain ..; sad and awesome and loving and I can't really find a word that describes how it feels. But I really got the 'family' feeling and it touched me even more like that cause the way Gackt said it was reaaaaally touching and just simply TRUE.
I want it out because out of all YFC, which was awesome, I remember ALL FOR LOVE the most.

aaah.... reading this I so want to see them again. As in RIGHT NOW. xD ahahah... *sighs*

sorry for the long rambling comment. xD
Earuschwarzfluegel on August 10th, 2011 07:00 pm (UTC)
michrophones were too quiet in EVERY venue, it seems. I was really sad I couldn't hear them better. Plus whenever the said something in between I had to strain to hear it and failed every single time ._."
Yeah, I think so. Friends who've been in Berlin wrote in their reports that there the sound was a lot worse. One of them also said that the new songs weren't songs to her, since she didn't hear a clear melodie etc. I didn't hear the lyrics that well, but I could hear the songs. So, the sound was indeed better in Leipzig.

the holy water effect... yeah I got that too. Especially since I was too far away to have a drink from the crew who was walking in front with water bottles. xD So YES PLEASE THROW IT!! xD And then I got a water bottle. HOORAY. xD I was relieved, not so much because it was Gackt/Chacha's bottle (don't remember, lol) but simply because it had WATER. xDD
We didn't even get water from the crew. They were idiots anyway, blocking my sight quite often or refusing to bring scissors when they saw we weren't fighting for Chacha's tie >>
Whooo~ you got a bottle! I touched one, but didn't get it. But it didn't matter as long as they spilled the water on me. It didn't even matter who spilled the water, though it always was a little more special when G did it xD

I want it out because out of all YFC, which was awesome, I remember ALL FOR LOVE the most.
Me too! <3

aaah.... reading this I so want to see them again. As in RIGHT NOW. xD ahahah... *sighs*
Me too! ;x; God, I want to see exactly this show over and over again. I'm so sad right now and even though G promised to come back ... hell, we don't know when he'll come back. I miss them so much ._.
(Deleted comment)
Earuschwarzfluegel on August 11th, 2011 05:09 pm (UTC)
The number-system also worked in last year when I was in Paris to see VAMPS live. Because there was only little space right in front of the entrance. It was simply too chaotic and too much space in front of Haus Auensee to control it. Friends told me that the girls who gave you the numbers weren't able to organize it properly and gave the same numbers to different people.
I also don't think I deserve to be in the 1st row, because I wait for the whole day, I think I have better chances to get in the front rows when I arrive early :3 I don't even hate the campers, it's just nothing I would do. Hell, I was lucky that I live so close to the venue and didn't need to travel through half of the country this time! It's not that I insulted them anyway, it's just my opinion that number-systems are stupid and work not that often, since most people give a damn on it.
However, what's wrong to want a spot near the stage after sitting my ass flat at one and the same place for ten hours? What's wrong to get near the stage after all?
And please don't bring in the topic of fairness when you talk about concerts. As soon as you're past the door, numbers are meaningless.

There was a camping ground? °° Well, okay, in this case it wouldn't have been that bad to camp. Though I still would never do it ^^

Jep, that's the one, I've already read it somewhere. But thanks :3

Hm, the first few paragraphs respectively the 2nd and 3rd one might sound a little harsh, but it's only a short summarize of the day. I didn't want to bore someone. Plus I ususally sometimes sound a little harsh. I didn't even mention everything and actually waiting had its good moments too.
(Deleted comment)
Earuschwarzfluegel on August 11th, 2011 07:28 pm (UTC)
Yep, I don't like pushing and queue-jumping either. I'm even too shy to do the latter myself - I just thought I had a ... right (for lack of a better word) to be on exaclty that spot in the queue, because I had been there right from the start. I guess it was an advantage that nobody seemed to know which of the doors was the right entrance, and luck that nobody told me to leave.

"I'm not sure but I think even I managed to get inside before her xD"
made it sound like you were proud of queue jumping, what would kinda disappoint me.

Oh, I didn't mean it that way. As I said, I wasn't queue-jumping. No one in that queue was in order anyway and then the #16-girl said she would go insane if anyone with number 17, 18 or higher got inside the venue before her. It was only a joke, maybe a bad one, but a joke. And another side-blow on the number-system. I don't even remember it that good, since I was inside after just a few seconds ... and almost got my head cut off by the arm of a security man, because everyone behind me was pushing so hard >< I guess I should delete the emoticon.

It's okay, I can stand critique :3
mktetsujinmktetsujin on August 11th, 2011 07:15 pm (UTC)
Wait wait wait, how is it the fault of people like her that the system doesn't work? She got herself a number despite the fact she thinks it doesn't work, right? All I get from your post is a lot of HERP DERP. tbh.
明季子 思愛流: gackt starea_deux_vitesses on August 14th, 2011 02:58 am (UTC)
Oh, lol, you already know I camped out for VAMPS last year, luckily it was only 1 day so it wasn't too bad XD But so many days would be quite difficult, especially the whole bathroom/shower thing... Will have to figure something out for L'Arc next year XD

i'm glad you had friends with you during the wait, that always helps to make it feel a bit shorter, and yay for making 2nd row! :D It's great they threw so many things into the audience and that you got part of Chacha's tie~ Omg, seeing Vanilla live sounds so amazing! *drools* And the handcuff part too *_*

ALL FOR LOVE must be a beautiful song and the atmosphere you described is ♥
Earuschwarzfluegel on August 14th, 2011 05:53 pm (UTC)
Oh yes! I almost forgot >O< If I'll go to L'Arc next year it'll be the same as always: I'll arrive as soon as possible in the morning, but I will not camp ^^

Yep, friends are definitely helping to keep your mood up. To me it's also not that hard to talk to people I just met at the venue. I just join conversations when the topic is interesting :3
Hrhr~ the fight for Chacha's tie was an interesting one: It was no fight at all, since five of us had someting like a pact - we would share everything we caught in case you can share it. And exactly these five girls (me included) got their hands on the tie when Chacha threw it x3
God, Vanilla WAS amazing! I wanna see it again soooo badly. Friends told me, Tenshin would upload the Berlin show these days, so you could watch it :3
All For Love is just this: LOVE. I'm so looking forward for YFC's album. I guess it'll take some time, but I want it so badly ><
霊気bitrswtsymphony on August 18th, 2011 08:00 pm (UTC)
I keep seeing the number system thing popping up - I didn't know that was such a widely used fan method (and with it working more often than not)! How interesting.

I'm so far not real impressed with The End of The Day either - though to be far I've only heard that 10 second clip on the website, so, we'll see.

No one has described the 'All For Love" ballad like that; I'm quite curious now as to how it sounds!

ah - that handcuff thing is priceless! Wonder how long it took them in the end to get them completely off....
Earuschwarzfluegel on August 19th, 2011 05:21 pm (UTC)
I only see this mumber system at shows of Japanese artists. I've been to lives of American and European bands and there was no number anywhere. I guess it's a specialty of J-Music fans.

Funnily, when I watched this 16-seconds snipped of the song I really really liked it and was looking forward to finally hear the full version. I blame the bad sound at the beginning of the show ^^

There's also a rip of All For Love at the Berlin show on Youtube. It's just wonderful and magical and I felt just so touched when almost the whole audience started singing the chorus of this song during the break, before the guys came back for the encore <3

Somewhere I read that they needed at least 3 songs to get them off completely. I didn't see it myself, I didn't even noticed that they tried to get them off xDD
霊気: among sakurabitrswtsymphony on August 19th, 2011 06:08 pm (UTC)
Oh it's definitely only for Jrock concerts. I just meant that I didn't think the system was used for Europe Jrock concerts as well - as I know they are used for Jrock concerts over here. I found it interesting that it made its way over the oceans :)

A rip of 'All For Love' huh? Well, hopefully its a good one - I'll have to go look for it - thanks for the tip :)

haha, well damn, they did pretty well to ninja that little situation.