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31 July 2011 @ 09:27 pm
Four Nights - Pt. 2: Love Addict  
Title: Four Nights
Fandom: Gackt, Hyde
: AU, Boys Love, Romance
Pairing: GakuHai
Rating: PG-13
: English
Summary: Gackt gets dumped by his girlfriend and wants to drown himself in alcohol to finally forget her. But before he can do so, he meets Hyde who works as a singer and entertains the costumers of a bar. They 'decide' to become friends and  Hyde offers help in getting over the lover's grief.
Note:  This is just a translation and english is not my first language. Again BIG thanks to eadwine63 for proof reading and helping out with translating some parts :3

Disclaimer: They belong to themselves (unfortunately *wants them* ;x;) and Hyde owns the lyrics.

Gackt's POV

Second Night: LOVE ADDICT

The card Hyde had given to me led me to a small club called 'Seventh Heaven'. It seemed to be quite popular judging by the good amount of people that was waiting at the entrance to either get let in or get rejected by the doorman. Hm… I wondered what was so special about this place, since it looked like every other club I had been in. But the more interesting question was: Where was Hyde? It was still twenty minutes to 8, but I guess when you invite someone, shouldn't you be there a little earlier.
But also fifteen minutes later, I still couldn't see him anywhere, so I decided to get in alone. And when I reached the entrance, I got surprised for the first time this evening: the people who seemed to be doormen actually sold tickets. I guessed that there would be something like a small concert. In fact I could have noticed this much earlier, since posters of the band that would play tonight were glued on nearly every wall. Though the posters didn't tell the reader that much: only the name of the band which I didn't recognize, the start of the show at 8 pm and a black, abstract picture of the artists on yellow background. Maybe this was Hyde's favorite band and maybe these guys would play music that could cheer me up… I didn't know, but I looked forward to what Hyde had planned for tonight.
I bought a ticket and entered the club. Once inside I almost said good-bye to my hope to find Hyde anywhere. The lights in the room were dimmed and even on the stage there was only black light, so that you could hardly see the drum set, amplifiers and three microphone stands. And the people pushed themselves towards this stage, as true fans. Actually I wasn't interested in the whole thing, since I came here to meet Hyde and not to see a band. But it would be impossible to find him in this crowd, especially when he stood in the first row. Though… somehow I couldn't imagine the Hyde I had met in You's bar being one of the people in this crazy crowd, dancing, squealing, singing along and just acting like a fan. To me he was just too… mysterious.
And then a thought I didn't like came to my mind: what if he really wanted me to be here because of the music and the euphoria of the people? What if he wouldn't appear at all?
“Be there at 8.” he had said; and not “meet me there.” No! I didn't want to think that he was up to do something like this. He had told me several times that he wanted us to learn about each other and to do things together. But this unpleasant feeling got stronger and stronger as it got later and later. Eventually a huge bell, which you can usually find in church clocks, rang and the light went out completely. Just a few seconds later, there was movement on the stage: four persons entered from the left – three of them with guitars, the fourth one immediately heading to the drum set. One of the guitarists wore a white shirt with the words 'ROCK ROCK ROCK' on it. The white color literally gleamed in the black light when the man reached the microphone stand in the middle of the stage. For one moment you could hear him breathing, then a single sound of the guitar and finally the first song began.
The man who played the drums hit his instrument a few times, set the rhythm and then grew silent for the guitarist in the middle who started playing after his band mate had hit the cymbal three times. It was a simple melody, smooth and catchy at the same time. Then he repeated this part and the two guys who stood right next to him joined him. This first reprise was done only by the guitars, before the whole band played. A few more seconds later the vocals started and the spotlights were turned on.

Hey, keep on rolling
Baby, I want to explode
Oh yes, need you darling
With a growling exhaust note

A love addict, come light my fire
A love addict, I'm already a love addict

Hyde! Though his voice was raspier than yesterday this was definitely Hyde! Now I knew why he hadn't been anywhere: he was over there on the stage and drove the audience crazy. And they joined in, shouting the lyrics so loud that Hyde had problems to be heard.

Yeah! Just free your mind!
Yeah! Let's get it on now!
Yeah! Just free your mind!
Yeah! Let's get it on now!

I felt a little misplaced here, since I seemed to be the only one who wasn't able to sing along … not even the chorus, though it wasn't that difficult. Actually it wasn't even my fault, because I had met Hyde just yesterday. Nevertheless… if the song hadn't been such an exciting one, my thoughts would've depressed me, I guess.

Mom, I'm sorry
Am I playing some bad games?
We starve like cherries
Baby, I want to explode

A love addict, come light my fire
A love addict, I'm already a love addict

At least I tried to dance to the music when I couldn't sing along. But this wasn't difficult at all, since there was an excited crowd around me and I was carried away by the atmosphere, and Hyde of course. He had a good romp on the stage, enlivened the audience to dance even wilder and made a great show.

Yeah! Just free your mind!
Yeah! Let's get it on now!
Yeah! Just free your mind!
Yeah! Let's get it on now!

This time I could sing along, and so I did as loud as I could. I fitted completely into the crowd as if I always had been one of them. Even Hyde seemed to notice this, because I could see him look into my direction quite often and smile a little more brightly. But maybe this was only an illusion and this was his usual manner at lives. Anyway, the sparkling in his eyes spurred me on even more.

Ride on time, let go (wohoow)
Ride on time, let go (wohoow)
Ride on time, let go (wohoow)
Ride on time, let go

The men on Hyde's left and right side, who were acting not less frolic, joined him in singing and did the background vocals. It seemed to be a kind of answer on his request; and the audience did the same as if they wanted to tell him that they liked what they saw on stage.
But then the song grew more or less quiet, Hyde stopped playing the guitar and instead grabbed the microphone and its stand. His voice was a low growling.

I'm already a love addict, love addict
I'm already a love addict
Come light my fire
I'm already a love addict, love addict
I'm already a love addict

After this short period of 'silence' the whole room seemed to explode as suddenly and – at least to me – almost surprisingly the chorus was repeated with the highest volume and as much energy as possible and the audience was going crazy again. This seemed to be the great finale.

Come light my fire!
Yeah! Just free your mind!
Yeah! Let's get it on now!
Yeah! Just free your mind!
Yeah! Let's get it on now!

Ride on time, let go (wohoow)
Ride on time, let go (wohoow)
Ride on time, let go (wohoow)
Ride on time, let go~

Hyde's voice almost cracked at the last lines, right before he stepped back from the microphone and let the song die away.
The last sound had just faded, when the audience broke off in ecstasy. They screamed and cheered and some even cried for him (“Haido!”). WOW… seriously, just wow. His voice wasn't only perfect to entertain the customers of a bar, but also matched with the sound of a rock band.
“Hey!” he finally said in his normal tone, just breathing a little harder than usually. “We are VAMPS! How are you doing tonight?” He took the microphone out of its stand and held it in the direction of the audience. And we answered brimming with enthusiasm, what made Hyde laugh.
“Here the same,” he replied grinning, “'cause tonight is a special night. Wanna know why?”
“YEAH!!!” the audience shouted.
“Today you'll decide what we play, as far as it's one of our own songs.” The people around me showed even more excitement. Was there even a limit to their excitement? It didn't seem so.
“So, what do you want?”
And immediately hundreds of voices rose:

And many other wishes I just couldn't understand, because everyone was shouting at the same time. Meanwhile Hyde stirred the pot by holding his free hand onto his left ear, waiting for more wishes. Then he laughed, shook his head and bent down to a person in the first row.
“What's your name?” he asked, using the microphone so that all of us could hear it.
“Mayuko,” the chuckling voice of a girl answered.
“Ah~ Mayu-chan,” Hyde replied in a charming tone – it seemed as if he used a nickname for everyone and not only for me, “and which song do you wanna hear?”
She chuckled again, before she eventually answered: “Hello.” Then Hyde straightened up again and put the microphone back into its fixture to have both hands free.
“You've heard the girl, guys. Hello!” he said and started performing the next song, making the audience go wild again, and I immediately joined them.

This night was just awesome with many, many different songs – they were joyful, sad, fast, slow, loud and low. The last one was quite a short one which Hyde had announced as 'Hideaway', while the audience grumbled, since it meant the nearing ending of the show.
It's tiiime! Are you ready nooow~?!“ was the last line after which Hyde let the microphone and its stand go and left the stage as well as his band mates. The audience clapped and screamed for them, until they came back, bowed and thanked us for being here tonight. And then they left completely.
For a few minutes the people were just chatting and some girls were squealing before you finally could hear music again and the crowd strolled away into different directions. Some took seats at small round tables, some headed to the bar, others left completely and the rest stayed on the floor and began to dance again. I was one of those who sat down at a table, because I was a little tired from all the jumping and dancing.

I just got a drink when Hyde joined me, a bottle of mineral water in his hand. The waitress gave this bottle a small glare, but didn't say anything and just left. Hyde watched her walking away, chuckled and then finally turned to me.
“Hey!” he greeted.
“Hey!” I replied and couldn't stop myself to shower him with compliments: “You were awesome! I haven't seen such a great show for ages! And the songs … please, don't ask me which one's my favorite, I'm afraid I'm not able to pick only one. All of them are great!”
“Thanks,” Hyde said, grinned whimsically and scratched the back of his head, “but you're going to embarrass me, when you keep praising me like this.” Due to the giggling that followed his words, I could see he didn't mean it that seriously. I couldn't imagine anything, which could embarrass him.
“I like your music anyway.” I stated to stress my opinion and took a sip of the coke the waitress had brought me. No alcohol today, I didn't want to risk another blackout. It wasn't the fact that I didn't believe Hyde when he said that nothing had happened. It was just that weird feeling of not knowing what you've done.
“Thanks,” Hyde said again, “I'm really glad. It means a lot to me to hear people saying they like what we've created.”
“Now you have a new fan.” After I had said this, I could see Hyde blush a little. He responded with an almost shy smile which made both of us silent. We just took a sip of our drinks every now and then and remained quiet.
“Uhm,” I began to break the unusual silence, “when did you start playing in this band.”
He seemed to be glad to hear this question and smiled at me when he answered: “For about two years. But we aren't labeled yet.”
“Really? But you're so good.”
Hyde shrugged. “We'll be some day. We're already saving money to produce an album on our own.”
“Is it working?”
“Yeah, recently the number of people who come to our lives has increased a lot. I guess we've got half of the money we need.” He seemed optimistic – and I hadn't expected him to be anything else.
“But half of the money means still a lot of work.” I said. “If I can help you somehow, just tell me. I'm-”
“Thanks for the offer,” Hyde interrupted me quickly and shook his head, “you don't need to give us your hard-earned money. We'll do this.”
“You have offered me your help, now it's my turn.”
“No financial help, but mental.”
“Which has a higher value anyway.” I argued.
“Gaaacchaaan~” he whined, and I was disappointed. Why didn't he allow me to help him? I just wanted to return all the help he had given me.
“Hyde ...”
“Say 'Haido' and dance with me.” With this he made me speechless. Did he really say what I had heard?
“Yeah, dance. I just love this song!” Then he got up, took my hand and tugged me to the dance floor.
“H-Haido … I can't …”
“Me neither!” he slapped my qualms away and began to move to the rhythm of the music. “C'mon, Gacchan,” he requested again when I didn't move, “don't be such a killjoy!” I felt like an idiot when Hyde suddenly grabbed my hands, took the lead and guided me so that it suited his movements. He spun himself into my arms, nestled close to me for a second and spun yet back out, giving me an encouraging smile. I couldn't help but to smile and at least stand everything he did with me.
After a while he let go off my hands, swirled around, shook his head and his hips, sang along to the song and was just happy. But all his fun couldn't affect me, so that I more or less fled the dance floor once the song was over. Even from my place I could see Hyde pouting, though I was glad he continued dancing alone instead of coming with me, being in a bad mood. I just wasn't made to dance … at least when I knew someone was watching me – I hadn't had a problem during the live because I had concentrated on the stage.

But I wasn't alone for long. After about ten minutes a girl with platinum blond hair joined me.
“So~ lonely, aren't you?” she whispered and batted her eyes.
“No, actually I'm not.” I answered quite unimpressed.
“I just can't see anyone else,” she replied, not impressed as well.
'And there's a bottle of water which is definitely not mine, since I have a coke,' I almost shot back, but I pulled myself together.
“I guess, you don't mind, do you?” the girl asked only to be polite and at the same time grabbed the straw of my glass to take a few small sips. This was… now she even looked at me directly as if she was trying to seduce me this way. Such an annoying, stupid chick! I pressed my lips together. This-
“You're not cheating on me, are you?!” a familiar voice asked from a spot where Hyde suddenly stood, glaring deprecatingly at the chick.
“What?” I was confused.
“Whut?” As well as the blonde was, since it made her stop drinking from my coke immediately.
“You see, this is my man,” Hyde explained as if this was obvious, sat down on my lap and entwined his arms around my neck. “Right, darling?” I needed two seconds to notice that this question was directed at me.
“Erm … yes, of course.” I agreed, still a bit confused. But our little show seemed to be working, since the chick finally didn't try to flirt with me anymore, but was watching me with quite a negative look in her eyes. But because she wasn't about to leave even now, Hyde chose a more drastic method: he pressed his lips onto mine and shoved his tongue into my mouth without giving me even a small warning. I almost bit him, since his action came totally out of the blue. However, in the corner of my eye I could see blondie's eyes widen in shock, before she looked away embarrassedly and left.
“Haido,” I mumbled into the kiss and at the same time pushed him away from me, “she's gone.”
“Oh… really?” he asked in a faked innocent tone. And he actually sounded as if he was serious, as if he really wanted to continue this… show.
“She is,” I mumbled, “and thanks, you made it just in time. I was about to get rude to made her leave.”
“And you don't like being a rude guy, right?” Hyde joked and stroked my nose, letting his pointing finger wander to the tip.
“That's right.” I agreed and grinned a little.
“Then, let's go before you really have to be rude.” he suggested and slipped off of my lap.
“Where to?”
“To my place, darling.” Hyde chuckled lightly while he said this and stressed the last word in a very special way.
“Ah~ of course.”
We parted, since I had to pay for my coke and Hyde went backstage to get his stuff from there. Only five minutes later we met outside at the entrance of the club, where we took a taxi to get to Hyde's apartment. On the way we talked about this and that, but mostly about his music and how much I liked it. Though he rather wanted to know what I had done today.
“Not much,” I replied and shrugged, “just cleaned my apartment a little, in case we decide to spend another evening there.”
“It wasn't that bad,” he tried to put my mind at ease, “and sometimes mine isn't any better.”
I smiled weakly, ran a hand through my hair and quietly looked out of the window. I didn't know this place, but it seemed to be a nice residential district with some green areas. But before I could look around a little more, the taxi stopped and Hyde took out his wallet to pay the driver.
Then he got out of the car and I did the same. He headed to an apartment building, unlocked the door and gestured that I should enter the lounge.
“To the highest floor.” he said, nodding his head in the direction of the staircase.
“Okay. I bet it's a nice view up there.” Hyde laughed and followed me climbing up the stairs.
“Yeah, but in summer it's really hot inside. You can do what you want – open the windows, open the doors, sleep naked – it just won’t work.”
“Ever thought of moving?”
“Naa~” he made a grimace, “I tried, but one apartment was worse than the former.”
“Oh. Hm.”
When we arrived at the top, I could hear the sound of keys again.
“So, this is it.”
'Takarai' the nameplate said and I immediately wondered why I never asked for his name, though he knew mine. Hyde seemed to notice my gaze, since he asked: “You like it?”
I ripped my eyes off of the nameplate, looked at him and nodded.
“What's your first name anyway?”
“It's Hideto.” he said, while he finally unlocked the door and gestured me to step in again. Hideto … somehow it suited him.

The first thing that I saw of his flat's inside was the bedroom with its huge bed, because the room was straight opposite to the entrance and the door wide open.
“Oops.” Hyde only said.
“Nice covers.” I commented.
We took off our jackets and shoes. Then Hyde finally closed the door to the bedroom and opened another one which hid a combination of kitchen and living room. I hadn't even looked around completely, but I felt confident, surrounded by light colors. It was as if Hyde's apartment had the same aura as its owner.
“Make yourself at home.” Hyde said, placing his bag beneath a kind of counter which seemed to be both partition and work space. “Want something to drink?”
“Yes. And without alcohol this time, please.” I replied and sat down on the sofa, as Hyde had said to make myself at home.
“Well, we have mineral water, mineral water, mineral water and… mineral water. I'm sorry.” He laughed lightly and I waved it aside: “It doesn't matter.”
“Okay.” I could hear him taking two glasses out of the cupboard and a bottle of mineral water from the refrigerator, while I continued looking around. Hyde joined me at the sofa, placing everything on the coffee table and then filling the glasses with mineral water. I just took a sip, Hyde downed the whole glass.
“Ah~ I needed that!” he said and placed the glass back at the coffee table. “Uhm, Gacchan? Do you mind me taking a short shower? The gig was awesome, but also a little tiring.”
“No prob, take your time.” I said. I would manage not to break something for a few minutes.
“Okay, it'll take just a second.” Then he left the room and because he had left the door a tad bit open, a while later I could hear running water and eventually Hyde's beautiful voice: “I will show to you the stars! There's so much that you should know! I won't cause you any tears! Believe me, believe me~” I smiled – he truly was a musician.
Well, what should I do now? At first I took another sip of the water, before I put the glass away, got up and strolled to the window. I couldn't see that much, since outside it had gotten pitch black meanwhile. So I continued my little tour through the living room, looked through the open shelves, peered at Hyde's collection of tickets for lives which were arranged at a wall and just looked around. And while doing so… I opened some drawers. I know, I know, it's not nice to do such things, but I was just too curious and after all Hyde had said I should make myself at home. But for my curiosity I was punished quite soon, when I opened a drawer and found a whole bunch of condoms and bottles of lube. Why the hell did he store these in the living room?!
Quickly I closed the drawer and returned to the sofa… feeling something hard when I just sat down. Surely the remote, I guessed and fished out whatever I sat on. 'Water-Based Lubricant'... gah! I jumped to my feet immediately and tried to put back the bottle to the place where it came from, when-
“Gacchan, what're you doing?” I unexpectedly heard Hyde's voice asking. Why was he back so soon? I turned around and saw him standing at the door, hair still wet, just wearing his pajama trousers and a towel around his neck.
“I … erm ...” I stammered, not knowing how to get the find off of me as inconspicuously as possible. Just to clear things up, I wasn't prude or anything – I just didn’t want to find such things when I’ve known a person for only one day. But to make things worse, Hyde's glance wandered down to my hands and his features brightened for a second, just before his jaw eventually dropped.
“Oh! You found it,” he said in a more or less relieved tone, came to me and took the bottle from me, “I erm… had looked for that almost everywhere. Where did you find it?” This apparently relaxed small talk was too obvious.
“Sofa ...” I mumbled, still a bit nervous.
“Uhm… of course.” He didn't say anything else … and to be honest, I didn't want to know why he had a bottle of lube at his sofa. I successfully pushed aside the imagination of Hyde succumbing countless women on a regular basis.
After he had put the lube back into the drawer, he returned, sat down and patted the seat cushion right next to him to make me join him. When I did so he dug up the remote from a spot somewhere under the coffee table and turned on the TV.
“As far as I remember there's a movie we could watch… I read it in the TV guide ...” he babbled briskly and zapped through almost all channels. Watching TV seemed to be quite a good distraction from this … incident.
“Just wait a second… ah, there it is. Do you know it?”
I looked at the TV for some moments and eventually said: “No, I don't think so.”
“Fantastic!” A grin appeared on his lips. “So you don't know the secret of the two magicians.” Ah … magicians, so this was… a fantasy movie? Nope, it turned out to be a completely realistic movie… a quite interesting realistic movie. I followed the story as if I was glued to the TV, but instead of getting a clue what this secret was about, more and more questions came to my mind.

Meanwhile, Hyde seemed to grow tired and moved over, to eventually lean against my shoulder. In that manner he snuggled even closer, so that I had to move my arm a bit and placed it around Hyde's shoulders. I didn't realize what I was doing exactly until it was already too late to take it back. I looked at Hyde and found him dozing, smiling contently.
“Haido?” I asked lowly to test if he was still awake … more or less.
“Hm?” he grunted, showing me that he was hearing without opening his eyes.
“You're almost sleeping, I should go home.”
“No,” he answered clearly and stressed it by wounding his arms around my torso, “stay, tomorrow's Sunday.”
“Uhm ...”
“Don't dare to say 'but'!”
“I didn't say anything yet.”
“Doesn't matter, just stay here.” Now he finally looked up… which didn't make anything any easier, since Hyde just showed me the cutest puppy eyes I had ever seen. He wanted to persuade me, I knew that, and to be honest he did it effortlessly.
“Okay …” Why did I give in so soon? On the other hand… if I had been so easily influenced when I had been with Shizuka, it was no wonder that she could control me that easily. It was just one more proof that my whole distress was my own fault. Since I really had given her whatever she had wanted, it was just a logical conclusion that she had felt neglected when I hadn't done so for once!
“Thanks.” Hyde whispered, dragging me back to the present, and pushing me down by leaning against me even more. In the same movement he also slid onto me. Gosh, he really was a cuddling monster.
“Good night, Gacchan.” Hyde's voice was only a lazy mumbling. “Sleep well.”
“You too, Haido …”

OMG, I could finally post it!
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Music: VAMPS - Love Addict
winterfaLL: gakuhai03kairi_yume on August 1st, 2011 12:12 pm (UTC)
Congrats on being able to post it :D

I'm glad Gackt didn't think about leaving when he couldn't find Hyde. I like their characters here.

“H-Haido … I can't …”
“Me neither!” he slapped my qualms away and began to move to the rhythm of the music.

I find the image of this cute. Too people who can't dance having fun together ^^

You see, this is my man,” Hyde explained as if this was obvious, sat down on my lap and entwined his arms around my neck. “Right, darling?” I needed two seconds to notice that this question was directed at me.
Yesss, no one else should disturb Hyde's man :P

Uhm… of course.” He didn't say anything else … and to be honest, I didn't want to know why he had a bottle of lube at his sofa.
Maybe you have some idea, Gackt? Coz when I read this, the first thing I did was wonder why it was there...

Gosh, he really was a cuddling monster.
Adorable Hyde. Cuddle him lots~ XD
winterfaLL: gackt_icecreamkairi_yume on August 1st, 2011 12:13 pm (UTC)
Obviously I enjoyed the fic that I couldn't differentiate 'too' from 'two'. Post more!
Earuschwarzfluegel on August 1st, 2011 06:15 pm (UTC)
Thankzzz~ <3
Earuschwarzfluegel on August 1st, 2011 06:21 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading and commenting :3

Maybe you have some idea, Gackt? Coz when I read this, the first thing I did was wonder why it was there...
Ahaha, even I have no idea why exactly it was there xD The whole description if Hyde's apartment was to give him the image of a relaxed and open-minded person.
明季子 思愛流: hyde microphonea_deux_vitesses on August 6th, 2011 12:46 am (UTC)
I'm glad you were able to post part 2 despite lj being so uncooperative~

And I really enjoyed it :) Never expected a VAMPS live to appear, but it was awesome, reminded me of how much fun I had last year :D And it put Gackt in a good mood too~ Your idea for a "request live" is awesome btw!

The part with that girl was great too, I loved that Hyde made the girl finally leave by kissing his Gacchan ;3 What an interesting find Gackt made XD

And the ending was really cute <3
Earuschwarzfluegel on August 6th, 2011 03:39 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading and commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter :3

Hm ... I wrote this fic long ago, so I'm not that sure anymore - but I guess I thought of L'Arc in Paris when I wrote the show part. It was a great night <3
Ah~ I would love to have a request live. But on the other hand I most likely it would be too hard to choose the songs I wanna hear. I made a list for this year's YFC and had huge problems, since I listed about 20 at first and needed to cut out several songs.

Hrhr~ the part with the girl is one of my favorites too!
Belle: Jo; ♥b_sim on August 10th, 2011 11:11 am (UTC)

Sorry, I just had to say that first!

It's adorable how smitten with Hyde's music Gackt seems to be. I also liked how Hyde invited him to dance and how he, being the more ~reserved~ one didn't want to. The little play they put on for the woman was cute too. ♥

LOL at Hyde having lube everywhere. The man's a sex machine. Oh, and condoms! A smart</em sex machine!
Earuschwarzfluegel on August 10th, 2011 07:04 pm (UTC)
Hehe, I was already about to take COUNTDOWN, but then I decided that Love Addict is better x3

Ah~ at that part G's probably too much like me. I tried to describe the feelings I have whenever I listen to Love Addict and that's the result :3

Yep, just yep >3~~~
And thanks for reading and commenting <3